8 Great Kenyan Scholarship Options for Study in Kenya

Catholic University of Eastern Africa

  • The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, together with several partners in development, is offering scholarships to needy students in Kenya. The university will evaluate and screen each applicant according to: economic standing, scholastic performance, personality, leadership skills, demonstrated responsibility to the University ideals/activities, and cooperation in community service. The scholarship will provide partial financial support to full-time students of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa who will pass the screening.  Students who have not taken their first year in the university and students who are in their final year are not eligible for the scholarship.

Jomo Kenya University of Agriculture and Technology

  • The Jomo Kenya University of Agriculture and Technology is offering scholarships to needy students in Kenya. The University is located in Juja, 36 kilometers North East of Nairobi, along Nairobi-Thika Highway.

Kenyatta University

  • Kenyatta University offers three types of scholarships, that is, OVS Scholarships, KU Internal Bursary, and the Postgraduate Scholarships. The OVS Scholarships is a grant for orphans and vulnerable students from Kenya who are looking forward to achieve an undergraduate degree in the university. The grant will provide full tuition assistance provided that the student maintains a C+ mean grade in KCSE. Meanwhile, the KU Internal Bursary is intended for students who are already enrolled in the university. The grant is awarded based on the need of the vulnerable student. On the other hand, the  Kenyatta University Postgraduate Scholarships will be given to 20 scholars who will enrol their graduate studies in the university. The scholarships will be granted according to academic performance.

Strathmore University

  • The Strathmore University, in collaboration with public institutions, private entities and individuals, is offering assistance to needy students by helping them tap resources to fund their post-secondary education. The university aims to provide for deserving students who lack the financial ability to pursue their college education. With this mission, the university has organized an extensive line-up of assistance programs for students who are in need.

University of Eastern Africa, Baraton

  • This school does have a student financial aid department that helps students in their time of time need.
  • This best option is what is called the Worthy and Needy Student Endowment Fund. It was started to help individuals who are already registered at the school.
  • In order to quality you must have #1 been at  the school for at least 3 semesters, #2 have a GPA of 2.50 and  #3 been employed an average during this time.
  • Applications can be picked up at the Dean of Students office. Awards are only granted once a year and are for the 2nd semester.

University of Nairobi

  • The Rattansi Educational Trust, in its vision to eliminate poverty by educating needy students, have offered scholarships to  Kenya students in need to assistance to finance their post-secondary education in the University of Nairobi. On the other hand, the Aga Khan Foundation, a non-denominational, international development agency, is also in collaboration with the university to support needy Kenya Students. The foundation was organized in 1967 by His Highness the Aga Khan. The Aga Khan Foundation has the same mission of eradicating poverty through the development and promotion of creative solutions to problems that impede social development, primarily in Asia and East Africa.  The University of Nairobi, in collaboration with the Aga Khan Foundation, through the efforts of Prof Muriuki, is now offering scholarships to needy Kenya students admitted in the University of Nairobi whether postgraduate or Undergraduate students. Aside from the Aga Khan Foundation and the Rattansi Educational Trust, the university is also tied-up with the PATHWAYS Leadership for Progress. The organization has a Kenya Scholarships Leadership training program that are granted to recipients based on grades, their KCSE, financial need, community service, references, and their project proposal.

Wangari Maathai Scholarship Fund

  • is an environmental innovations fund set up in memory of Prof. Wangari Maathai that is aimed at developing action-oriented young people with strong values and commitment to the conservation of the physical and social environment in Kenya. The fund has been established by The Rockefeller Foundation, The Green Belt Movement and Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF).
  • The scholarship fund will be awarded annually, with the first cycle being granted during the 2013 academic year. In this first year, the tertiary education scholarship will be awarded to a young woman aged 18 to 25 years, who has demonstrated passion and personal commitment to environmental conservation. This individual must have also demonstrated their ability to successfully mobilize people and provide leadership in environmental advocacy.

Other Kenyan Scholarship Options

  • The Board’s objective is to give financial support to needy Kenyan students in institutions of higher learning both locally and abroad. However, due to financial constraints, it is currently not in a position to provide loans to students studying outside the country and those on self sponsored programs (commonly known as the ‘parallel programs’). Therefore, at the moment, it gives loans to the following category of students
  • Needy Kenyan students who are admitted to public universities through the Joint Admissions Board and to those attending private chartered universities.
  • This is a great site for Kenyans. The above link preforms a search and will show you the most recent scholarships that are listed. If that does not work then simply write scholarship in the search box on their website.
  • Many of the scholarship listed here will also be ones that we posted on our site but here you will get specific information and listings for Kenyan students


  • has Developed an effective way of Counseling Highschool Graduates and Placing them in Accredited university/College. Educonnect.co.ke is open for students registration and assist then in regards to their Education and career choice.
  • Vision: : Strengthening Kenyan students and youth through career Guidance and placing them in accredited institution to ensure a more productive work force.
  • Mission:Assists students in better understanding how their values, interests, skills, passions and world outlook influence their career decisions hence making the right career choice in the right institution of higher learning.
  • ** This is a consulting service – they do not offer scholarships themselves

Kenya Scholarships

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29 thoughts on “8 Great Kenyan Scholarship Options for Study in Kenya

  1. Dennis Njenga says:

    I’m a Kenyan by nationality, from a humble background. I got B 64pts and I have a passion to do Bsc.Civil Engineering. I would like financial assistance to pursue my dream inorder to bring prosperity & inovativeness in the world’s construction sector. Please help me

  2. Dennis Njenga says:

    I’m a Kenyan by nationality, from a humble background. I got B 64pts and I have a passion to do Bsc.Civil Engineering. I would like financial assistance to pursue my dream inorder to bring prosperity & inovativeness in the world’s construction sector. Please help me.

  3. Kiogora Lewis says:

    I am P1 teacher with a C+ graduated 2013.I come from a very poor family.Am single parent(Mother) looking forward to make my dream come to light by pursuing degree in any chartered University.Any assistance accorded is highly appreciated.

  4. kelvin kariuki muli says:

    Am kelvin kariuki at karatina university and am kindly looking fo a well wisher or a sponsor to help me finance my studies beacause am an orphan

  5. am a kenyan, i atteined a C+ in my k.c.s.e 2012. Am looking for a scholarship to achieve my dream as am for a poor family.

  6. Stella wamaitha says:

    I am a graduant of last years 2013 exam.I got an A- .i would like to pursue a bachelor’s degree leading to actuarial science ,which is impossible in my current financial state.Please consider my request for a scholaship.

  7. josphat theuri says:

    i sat for kcse in 2012 n managed to score a B am needy n I have bn raised in a centre please help

  8. beryl wesonga says:

    I am a kenyan I scored A- im looking for a scholarship in university of nairobi

  9. i looking for scholarship i got a c+ iam from needy family

  10. ELVIS WANDERA says:

    I am a kenyan who completed 2011 and attained a mean grade of B+,i have failed to join university because of financial difficulties.Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

  11. Mohamed omar says:

    Iam a kenyan who completed his study in 2012 and attained a mean grade B(MINUS) of 53 points i failed to join university because of financial problems.any assistance accorded to me is highly appreciated

  12. MONICA BULALI says:

    Iam a kenyan student,i got a B- (57 points),am currently a schoolbased student of Masinde Muliro University,a first year,i kindly request for your financial support since my parents are unable to raise it.

  13. beth kimeu says:

    am a cpa student and would wish to bachelor of commerce

  14. Justus Nzomo says:

    I’m currently a self-sponsored CPA student and really wish to study a bachelors degree in commerce.

  15. ogunda lawrence says:

    l got an A-,an orphan & needy brought up in a childrens home can i get a scholarship?


    Am a Kenyan citizen,did my KCSE on 2012 and attained an A-.Would like to apply for the a scholarship to pursue acturial science in any univsersity either localy or internationally.

  17. Antony mwangi says:

    i got b- i kindly request for your help ,to help advance to the university and meet my ambition,willbe gratefull my mum is a single mum

  18. peter mwangi says:

    Am a Kenyan citizen who had formely attended high school last year and scored C+ OF 47.MY AMBITION WAS TO STUDY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING.I kindly appply for a scholarship?

  19. washington wanda says:

    Am a Kenyan citizen who had formely attended high school last year and scored B+ OF 73.MY AMBITION WAS TO STUDY PILOTING.How can i make it?

  20. Rose Akoth Owuoche says:

    I look forward with great optimism to getting help from you

  21. Njeri Fridah nyaguthii says:

    i am kindly requesting for your support to continue with my studies. i had a B- (53 POINT)

  22. Joseph Kiarie Kamau says:

    i want to sign in and i got B of66 points

  23. Tabitha Nderitu says:

    Am a form four leaver with a B plain of 61 points looking forward to have my dreams fulfilled but due to fanacial constraints am unable to go ahead please help.

  24. Naphterly obunga says:

    I am akenyan citizen from apoor bacground and an orphan.i finished my high school last year with a B of65 points and amdetermined to achieve my goal in life but am faced with financial problem.please help me

  25. Mercy Murunga says:

    Am Mercy a student at JKUAT in my fourth year but due to financial constraints i could no countinue,from a humble background need some help to complete.

  26. Am a Kenyan citizen from a humble background.I sat for 2011 KCSE and got an A- of 79pts.I’ve been called to persue law in UoN as from next year May.I request if I can get any assistance.

    • WAMEYO.

      please go to educonnect.co.ke as soon as possible and fill in the scholarship application form


  27. Fardauza mohamed hassan says:

    Am kenyan citizen from poor background and finished 2012 form4 am looking to be assisted next year to proceed wit my university

  28. Am a kenyan citizen,a PI graduate bt not yet absorbed by gov’t.can I get a scholarship to get a degree in special education in any university.I got a c plain KCSE.

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