Jamaica Scholarships

Scholarships for Jamaicans 2013-14

Primary and Secondary School

Children of Jamaica Outreach (COJO) Inc.

  • is an engine for community development and was founded in 1994 by Gary M. Williams on the principle of creating opportunities through empowerment and wide-ranging social development programs. COJO is a nonprofit organization that seeks to undertake projects of support and to give relief to disadvantaged children in Jamaica.

Scotiabank Jamaica Foundation Scholarships

  • Each year the Foundation contributes millions of dollars in scholarships and bursaries to individuals who need financial assistance or who excel in academic performance. The following scholarships are awarded annually:
    • Scotiabank Jamaica Foundation Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) Scholarships
  • Bursaries – Each year the Foundation awards 100 bursaries to high school students to assist with their CXC examinations fees. Bursaries are also awarded to needy students at the University of the West Indies and the University of Technology.


Cuba/Jamaica Bilateral Program

Opportunities for study in Cuba at the B.Sc. degree level are available as under The Cuba/Jamaica Bilateral Programme; and and The Cuba/CARICOM Scholarship Programme. The Government of Cuba offers scholarship opportunities at the undergraduate level in the fields of:

  • Medicine, Information Technology, Dentistry, Accounting, Biochemistry, Engineering (all areas), Agronomy, Telecommunications Architecture, Pharmacy, Nursing (Certificate level and Degree)

The programs are usually advertised between February and March each year for studies commencing in September of that same year. Candidates should be between the ages of 18 and 25 years and have at least two ‘A’ levels in the field related to the course of study they wish to pursue. Prior knowledge of Spanish is an important asset. The study programme is five to six years long and the first year is usually devoted to Language study.

Scholarships cover:

  •   Tuition
  •   Accommodation
  •   A stipend from the Cuban Government which has to be supplemented
  •   Medical care

NEWS UPDATE – June 2012 – Five Jamaicans Receive Medical Scholarships from Cuba

Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA)

  • a registered non-profit organization committed to identifying and responding to the needs of the Caribbean/African community.This includes community outreach as well as responding to the educational needs of this community through the establishment of a Scholarship Program.The purpose of the Scholarship Program is therefore to provide financial assistance to worthy students from the Caribbean/African community, who are pursuing post-secondary studies in Ontario Universities/Colleges.

Ministry of Education and Youth, Jamaica

The mission of the Tertiary Unit is to ensure that the tertiary system is administered in an efficient and cost-effective manner so that the manpower needs of the country are met.

In fulfillment of this mission, the unit performs the following functions:

  • Participates in planning for all levels of the system.
  • Supervises the system through visits and attendance at Board meetings.
  • Manages the budget for all tertiary institutions.
  • Makes provisions for scholarships and boarding grants at the tertiary level.
  • Administers a Teacher Exchange Programme.
  • Represents the MOEYC on all boards at the tertiary level.
  • Approves appointments for all staff in tertiary level institutions.

Niagara College – Bachelor of Business – Hospitality Operations Management – Jamaica Scholarship

  • Niagara College, Canada is committed to increasing the opportunities for international students to study at our college. Situated in the famous Region of Niagara, Niagara College, Canada offers over 50 different program at two unique campuses. Students from over fifty countries study at Niagara College every year.
  • In collaboration with the Jamaica Ministry of Industry and Tourism, Niagara College is offering two Tuition Entry Scholarships to Jamaican citizens for the 4- year Bachelor of Applied Business – Hospitality Operations Management applied degree program.

This tuition scholarship includes:

  • Tuition of approximately US$8,000 for the first year
  • Approximately US$1,000 per year for the balance of the program (based on a minimum 80% overall average in the previous year)
  • Students can obtain paid co-op work positions for 5 months between academic years

Scotiabank Jamaica Foundation Scholarships

Each year the Foundation contributes millions of dollars in scholarships and bursaries to individuals who need financial assistance or who excel in academic performance. The following scholarships are awarded annually:

  • Scotiabank  Jamaica Foundation Open Scholarship In Medical Technology Northern Caribbean University (NCU)
  • Scotiabank Jamaica Foundation Open Scholarship University Of Technology
  • Scotiabank Jamaica Foundation Open Scholarship The University Of The West Indies, Mona Campus
  • Scotiabank Jamaica Foundation Sir Alister Mcintyre Scholarship

York University

  • International Scholarship Program for the Caribbean (3). $100,000 ($25,000 x 4 years). Citizen of the Caribbean. To renew — maintain high academic standing (7.8 on a 9-point York scale) in each academic year at York
  • International “Circle of Scholars” Scholarship program for the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America or South America (5). $10,000 (first year of study) Citizen of the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, or South America. Preference given to those living in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, or South America


Chevening Scholarships

  • aimed at the leaders of tomorrow. They are highly competitive and limited in number. Successful candidates must be able to demonstrate not only an outstanding academic record, but also notable contributions in their field. The committee will also look for evidence of clear personal objectives and a commitment to making an impact on the wider stage.
  • Candidates are strongly advised to make a formal application for a university place direct to the institution of their choice as soon as possible. Confirmation by an applicant of his/her placement at a British university is considered an asset by the selection committee at any stage of the selection process.
  • Each year we award 4-6 chevening scholarships to Jamaican students for Masters level study in the UK. This is usually advertised in the media in either October or November.

Brazil – Ministry of Education Scholarships to Jamicans

  • THE Brazilian Embassy is now accepting applications from Jamaican students for scholarships to pursue undergraduate studies.
  • Students are required to stand the cost of their travel to and from Brazil, as well as the cost of their room and board in the first two years. However, after the second year, students requiring financial aid may apply for one of two scholarships through the Ministry of Education in Brazil.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old and no older than 23 years old to qualify for the scholarship. They must also have completed secondary education in Jamaica, with a grade average of at least 60 per cent in the last three years of school. In addition, they should have a minimum final grade of 60 per cent in mathematics and in subjects related to the course to be pursued.
  • The deadline for the submission of applications is June 19, at the embassy’s offices in New Kingston.

Rhodes Scholarships

  • Tenable at the University of Oxford to be awarded to candidates from the Commonwealth Caribbean as follows: The Jamaica Rhodes Scholarships, available to candidates from Jamaica only. Two Commonwealth Caribbean Scholarships, available as follows: To all candidates, excluding Jamaicans; To all candidates, including Jamaicans.
  • After election, a successful candidate has still, however, to be found a place at an Oxford College. There is no guarantee of a place and the award of the scholarship is not confirmed by the Rhodes Trustees until the Scholar-Elect has been accepted for admission by the College
  • The Rhodes Trustees will pay all University and college fees, exclusive of board and lodging, direct to the college concerned. The Scholar will receive a personal allowance of no less that £14,000* every two years, which is expected to take care of board and lodging and other maintenance costs.
  • The Trust will assist the Scholar to meet such travel expenses as incurred to and from Oxford, provided a letter of explanation how travel is being arranged is addressed directly to the Warden of Rhodes House, Oxford for his consideration.

Other Scholarship Options for Jamaican Students


Jamaica Scholarships - Scholarships for Jamaicans

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  1. David says

    Good day, my name is David Buchanan currently have 8 csec and 4 cape,im seeking a scholarship to further my studies in med,my contact :1876 507-5481

  2. akilah says

    Hello, I am a newly accepted student to the uwi. However, I am need of some financial assistance. I am asking if there is any help that can be given to me. I’d be deeply appreciative.


    i am a graduate of the university of the west indies who is seeking a scholarship; that will enable me to pursue a masters degree in biological science.it would be great if i could do this at a university overseas where i can work and study.

  4. deidre-ann Colquhoun says

    Good day ,I am a 17 year old final year student at Belmont Academy in Westmoreland ,I am doing 8 csec subjects and I would love to further my education in the field of nursing however my family cannot afford the tuition and I am asking for some assistance with a scholarship to go to nursing school I want a better life for myself please assist me

  5. Rohan says

    Good afternoon. I am a young man who has a deep longing to study in Canada and to come closer to achieving my goal of having a better life. I’m in my thirties and a graduate of the University of Technology,Jamaica in which i acquired a Bsc. in Electrical Engineering. I have been working in the Engineering field for over ten years. I have tried on different occasions to study in Canada, but because of financial restraints, i have been unsuccessful. I really would appreciate whatever assistance can be afforded me, in getting the opportunity to study in Canada.

  6. nickey says

    Pleasant night! I have been struggling all my life. Growing up with a stepdad was one of the most unpleasant experiences ever. I’m now 30 and still struggling, however the Lord has assisted me in accomplishing three cxc subjects this year and I’m now doing another two. The unfortunate thing is I’m still living with my stepdad. I really would like to further my career in business administration or business management but have no idea how to fund my education as I’m currently unemployed and have been for years. I am desparately asking for your help! Is there anyone out there who’s will to assist me? Please!….. I’m not asking for much, just a start and I will take it from there. I know i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and i know that my struggles will soon be over. I will not give up! Im a fighter! I have faught all my life!!! Please help me!!!!…. Thanks for your time :) and God bless you!!!!

  7. Pelechia Rodney-Vernon says

    I comment your organization for their outstanding work. I applied for a scholarship or financial assistance for my son – Patroy Vernon who was successful in the recent GSAT examinations. The request was made in writing and submitted at the Sam Sharpe Square, Montego Bay branch. I use this medium to once more request schooling assistance in the form of a scholarship or grant on his behalf.

  8. Hortense James says

    I have a 8 child moving from grade 3 going on to grade 4 she is she attends Mannings Hill Primary School. She is a high academic performer and I am seeking out ways and means of how to get her on a scholarship program. In her exams she did well topping third place in her class out of 41students she is a vibrant, eager to learn, also has high leadership morals at this tender age and i see her going places that why I need a boost financially. Please contact me back asap so as to know what to do in this case….

  9. Shay-Lee says

    Hello. I have a desire to further my tertiary studies in spain in order to get culturally diverse. I would like however to find a scholarship to assist me but i cant find any. Can you help me please? Thanks in advance

  10. Nel says

    Searching early for GSAT scholarship. Student will be taking the exam next year and I need financial aide.Kindly sent me all the relevant sites if you know them that I can brows through their applicartion forms.Thanks

  11. jody says

    I’m a student who is about to sit my cape examinations I have financial difficulties and would love if some one could help finance my dreams I have already assed my csec with flying colours hope that the lord will provide

  12. Milton McCkin Pajibo says

    I am a liberian schooling in Liberia undergraduate program due to low income status. I am from one of the world poorest nation where illiteracy is a public figure. I have tried to fine means and complete my education, but no way out. I am appealing this program to see the needs of helping other Liberians to aquire there education and impart others. no fundings, no cash and no means of getting any of them. I really need this scholarship. I readning Accounting and Public Administration with emphasis in Business communication/Marketing. please help u many contact me throught the above email address. thanks for understanding.

  13. Anna says

    I also have 6 CXC subjects and i’m sitting another one in spring next year. I really would like to further my education. I would lke to become a public health inspector.

  14. Erica says

    I am in my third year at NCU pursuing a Degree in social Work P\t I am having difficulty funding. Are there any scholarship available for adults wanting to continue their dreams? I tried seeking assistance from my workplace but was unsuccessful. I am overly indebted to the Banks and relatives. I need some guidance. thanks in advance

  15. jhanelle craib says

    I will be doing 8 csec subjects in the year 2014. I am capable of passing each subjects but I need help in furthering my education after highschool. I desire to pursue a career in law but my family might be unable to provide money for expenses. I need help in making my dream a reality.Thank you!

  16. sherekia says

    I really need to go back to school.so I can help mi and my 2yrs son.I would really work and send my self to school.but I would like a scholarship to start mi off..with the help of the lord.I know I will succeed.I have so may plans.but no where to start.I would really like the help.even to help mi find a parttime job.am from mobay

  17. Alica says

    Pleasant day. I am part time student at the University of Technology , Jamaica pursuing a Bsc. in Computer Science. I am desperately looking for an opportunity/scholarship to be transferred to another University/College in Canada as a full time student. Can you please advice me?

  18. SHANZII ROWE says


  19. Shan henry says

    am s student who will be doing 7 cxc for year 2013… I know i am able to achieve them all and i would need help to further my study in the teaching field at a collage … please help or inform me where i can get some help… thanks

  20. kay graham says

    I need some information as to where to find the application form for undergraduate programs in Cuba for the 2013/2014 academic year. Thanks in advance.

  21. Amelia Taylor says

    I just need a better education, and I don’t know where to turn. I went to HRART truse NTA, and I did level 1and 2 in housekeeping, and I still can’t get any work, I just don’t know where to turn. I try ant I try for work an still cant get any work. So can u all please help me please. My name I Amelia Taylor and I am 25 years old. I don’t have any Childers thank God, because I don’t know how I would manager. Please help me get something.

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