Eiffel Masters Scholarships in France

France Awards  International Student Graduate Scholarships

This scholarship is offered for both Masters and PhD level studies. I have tried to put as much information here as I could find on the Master level scholarship. If you are interested in the Phd scholarship follow the link at the bottom of the page to obtain that information.

A couple of things to note about this scholarship:

  1. you will be studying in French but they do offer to a brief two month language study to help with that and
  2. the fee structure is confusing – there is a monthly allowance and in some cases tuition is reduced but may not be eliminated.

Read below for all the information on this masters scholarship and let me know if you have questions


Scholarship Overview
  • The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the Eiffel excellence scholarship programme in January 1999 to support French centres of higher education in their international outreach initiatives, in a context of mounting competition among developed countries, to attract elite overseas students on master’s, engineering and  PhD courses.
  • The Eiffel excellence scholarships are aimed at overseas students whose talents and abilities have been recognized by French higher education establishments wishing to attract them to pursue their studies. The courses undertaken in France will help them to obtain positions of responsibility in the public and private sectors.
  • Only foreign nationals are eligible to apply for a scholarship from the French Government. In the case of dual nationality applicants, those with French nationality are ineligible.
  • Applications from students currently studying outside France will be given priority over those from students already studying in France.
  • Educational establishments that shortlist non-French speaking applicants must ensure that their level of French is sufficient to enable them to integrate satisfactorily into the anticipated course.
Host School(s)

  • Study in France

Field(s) of Study

The Eiffel excellence program offers two components:
  • A Master component which helps fund a master level degree course from 12 to 36 months
  • A Ph.D. component to fund mobility programs for 10 months under a thesis joint supervision or co-tutorship (preferably for the second doctoral year).
The three major areas of study covered by the Eiffel program are:
  • Engineering sciences at Master level, sciences in a broader sense for PhD level (engineering sciences, exact sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences, nano and bio-technology, earth and environmental sciences, information and communication sciences and technology),
  • Economics and management,
  • Law and political science
What does the scholarship cover?
Eiffel scholarship-holders receive:
  • a monthly allowance of 1,181€ (1,031€ of maintenance allowance and 150€ of monthly compensation),

in addition to which are covered directly various expenses:

  • An international return travel
  • Health insurance
  • Cultural activities
They can also benefit from an additional accommodation allowance under certain conditions

Which countries are targeted?
  • Nationality: This program is for candidates of foreign nationality. Bi-national candidates, one of which nationality is French, are not eligible.

Am I Eligible to Apply?

  • The selection is made by a committee composed of three colleges of experts (one for each field of study). The members of these colleges are not allowed to assess applications submitted by institutions to which they are linked institutionally.

The selection criteria are:The excellence of the candidate, as reflected in his previous academic career and the innovative nature of the research topic (score out of 10, coefficient 3)

  • Age: for programs leading to a master’s degree level, applicants must be at most 30 years old at the date of the selection committee, that is to say, born after 07/03/1983; for PhD applicants, candidates must be aged at most 35 years old on the date of the selection committee, that is to say, born after 03.07.1978.
  • Origin of applications: Only applications sent by the French institutions are admissible. The latter undertake to enroll laureates in the training for which they were selected. Applications sent by other means are not receivable. In addition, a candidate nominated by more than one instit ution will see his application rejected.
  • The training involved: Eligible candidates are likely to incorporate a training course of master level attested by a diploma, including engineering school, and PhD candidates. The French trainings relocated abroad are not affected, fellows, non doctoral, having to perform at least 75% of their studies in France.
How do I Apply – Next Steps
  • The French higher education institutions screen candidates they submit to the Eiffel program among foreign students they wish to receive for training.

Therefore we recommend contacting the French University at which you would like to study and getting more information from them on this scholarship and if they would recommend you for it.

  • Institutions meet the Applications relying on instructions and recommendations addressed to them by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They must ensure, to submit applications complying with criteria defined for this program. The total duration of training, mandatory internships in France or abroad, must be clearly indicated in the application. The incomplete applications will be rejected.
  • Institutions communicate the list of candidates that they present by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. This document must bear the stamp of the institution and the signature of the principal (university president or school principal).
  • Apply Online –http://extranet.egide.asso.fr/FormulairePJEiffel/

Closing Date:

  • Deadline for receipt of applications by Campus France : January 9th


How do I get more information?


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